Quick Tip How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

Has your air conditioner been making loud vibrational noises? It can be extremely irritating to listen to the incessant noise of your AC. This makes it hard for you to relax, let alone hear your music or the TV. But fortunately, there are ways to reduce the noise your AC makes.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the vibrational noise of your air conditioner is with the use of vibration pads. These pads are installed under and around the air conditioner which absorbs the vibrations and rattling that make your AC noisy. When these pads are properly installed, you will greatly reduce the noise made by your AC, and it will simply be a small humming noise.

But to make that happen, you have to make sure that the pads are installed right. Vibration pads are real beneficial as it makes your AC unit quieter, successfully reducing the unpleasant noise coming from the unit. At the same time, it reduces the strain on the frame to which your air conditioner is mounted. This way, it makes it less likely for the AC to get loose and fall out.

One way that you can be sure that the pads are installed right is by having HVAC pro do it for you. Hiring an expert will make sure that your air conditioner is installed, repaired, or serviced the right way, so you can avoid any DIY disasters.

Air conditioners are delicate machines and professionals have the knowledge and ability to get the repair and installation done properly. Thus, it is the most logical choice for you to hire a professional to get the vibration pads installed.

Various Garage Door Opener Tips

Because a garage door opener is a machine, it has the ability to have issues with it from time to time. After all, all machines have a lot of moving parts and this can cause a variety of things to occur leading it to not function as it is supposed to. While there are times when you are going to want to call on a professional for help, there are simple things that you are going to be able to do in order to tell why your garage door isn’t working. Some of these problems you might even be able to fix yourself. In this article, we will be discussing various garage door opener tips that will prevent you from garage door repair.

Various Garage Door Opener Tips:

1. Transmitter Batteries.

A lot of people actually forget that transmitter’s require power to actually work. This includes the transmitter that is likely located on the wall inside of your garage. It is important to realize that as soon as your battery goes out on your transmitter, if you have others lying around, they are probably going to go out at the same time because the chances are high that you replaced them simultaneously.

2. Photo Eye Out Of Alignment.

Another reason as to why your garage door might not be functioning as expected is because your photo eye might be out of alignment. On the two different sides of your garage door are things that are called and known as photo eyes. Between these two eyes, an invisible beam is shot and when it is unable to reach the other side, it will prevent the door from closing. This is a safety measure brought on by the garage door system which lets it know when there is something blocking the garage door. If your door is unable to close at all, you are going to want to make sure that these photos eyes are either not misaligned or too dirty to function properly.

3. Track Might Be Out Of Alignment.

Another problem that could result in your garage door not functioning properly is your track being out of alignment. If your garage door track is completely out of alignment, it can cause a significant issue with the functioning of your garage door. The metal track that your door runs on needs to be aligned properly at all times in order for the door to actually be able to move up and down properly. If you happen to see any kind of gaps between the rail, rollers, or if you see bends in the rails, you will have a serious issue on your hands. The problem is, the weight of the door can actually cause these issues to get even worse over time until it becomes incredibly dangerous to operate your door. Therefore, if you are experiencing this issue at all, it is time to call for professional help.

4. Garage Door Closes and Opens.

Garage doors are specifically designed with a mechanism that will prevent them from closing on anything that is obstructing their path. This can be triggered by all kinds of different things including objects on the group blocking their path, a build up of debris that prevents the rollers from being able to move forward, and more. Be sure that nothing is blocking your garage door from closing and you should be good to go.

In conclusion, taking care of your garage door opener and garage door doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the garage door opener tips for maintenance above, you should be able to ensure that it operates efficiently and optimally for a long time.


The Basics of Pier and Beam Foundation Repair


The Basics of Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Repairs for pier and beam foundations are generally fairly easy, fast and budget-friendly. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the best idea to turn it into a do-it-yourself project. To ensure that your repair is long-lasting and permanent, you need to have some level of foundation repair experience. Additionally, it’s important to have specialized equipment if you really want to do the job correctly.

Although you might be tempted to attempt to fix your pier and beam foundation yourself, you have to remember one thing: Leveling a house with low-quality jacks and cheap block piers simply isn’t the way to make sure that your home has a stable foundation. Chances are good that the issue will reappear much more quickly than you probably think, and you’ll find yourself back at square one once again.

How Can You Tell if Your Home Has Pier and Beam Foundation Failure?

There are actually multiple clues that you can look for if you’re trying to determine if you have foundation-related issues. Your home’s foundation is supposed to support your home’s entire weight, and it’s supposed to evenly distribute this weight among all of the piers and beams, as well as the bedrock or equivalent. Here are a few of the most common clues for you to look out for:

-Bouncing, sinking, softness or sagging of the wood floors in your home
-Varying stages of bowing within your floors
-The appearance of cracks between the floor and your home’s interior walls
-Out-of-level door frames or frames that won’t shut all the way
-Termites, mold, fungus or wood rot
-An issue with the joints in your home’s floor compressing
-Clues of past repair attempts, such as shimming that can be found between the beams and piers

What are the Primary Causes of Structural Issues with Pier and Beam Foundations?

Poor Design
For your pier and beam foundation to stand the test of time, the proper spacing and placement of your piers and beams is critical. In a lot of homes, particularly older ones, we have seen piers that have way too much space between them. Large gaps can put way too much stress on the beams and girders, which can cause severe sagging and large cracks. Joists and girders that are too small can also cause this issue. Although this can be a pretty big problem for one-story homes, it can become even more serious for two-story houses due to the extra weight and pressure that is put on your foundation.

Too much moisture can cause serious problems for your foundation and is a very common problem for many homeowners. By design, dirt crawl spaces are dark and damp, and this can cause all sorts of un-pleasantries, including fungus and mold, termites and more. During the summer and during particularly moist periods, vented crawl spaces can also become very humid. Excess moisture can also be caused by a host of other issues, such as plumbing leaks, HVAC leaking issues and more. Regardless of the cause of this excess moisture, your crawl space can become a breeding ground for all sorts of problems, which can weaken your girders, piers and beams.

Repairing Your Pier and Beam Foundation
These are a few of the solutions that will address your repair issues:

-Fixing all of your moisture-related issues; for example, you may need a new water drainage system, or you might have leaks that are in need of repair.
-Installing new piers that have steel or block supports and a concrete pad base.
-Using heavy duty Jacks as means of leveling the joists and girders under your home.
-Resolving any mold issues that you might have and then sistering fresh lumber to your damaged girders and joists for improved support.
-Retrofitting beams that are broken or rotten with steel or wood I-beams
-Re-shimming with strong shims made of steel.
-Resolving humidity issues in your crawl space area.

Multiple factors will play a part in selecting the right solutions for your home’s foundation issues. Fortunately, you probably won’t have to spend nearly as much on the repair of your pier and beam foundation as those whose homes have concrete slabs do. The cost of foundation leveling is generally quite affordable. This lower price is due to the fact that the area is much easier to access in order to make repairs, plus the materials and equipment that are used are not as costly. How much will it cost to repair your foundation? Check out this video:

Flipping Properties for Profit

So, you wish to get into the flipping game and generate income or possibly you had a disappointment with turning a property and want to find out how to flip a property and really earn money? To start with, let me state that I don’t care about expecting a large return on a flip if all you do is sign your name on a closing statement and anticipate to turn it around rapidly. It’s simply not that easy.

What can take place though is that if you follow a few of my methods you can expect to make a great earnings for yourself. There are 5 secrets to success that I would like to go over in this post. They are: (1) you should purchase the home right, (2) you must want to look for good deals, (3) you must not be afraid to obtain your hands filthy, (4) you need to be sensibly convenient, and (5) you have to do the majority of the work yourself.

The best ways to purchase the building right. Here’s where you have to either be a real estate representative or deal with one. Knowing the marketplace location is essential to getting the perfectly home at the appropriately cost. Are prices in this area increasing? Are others enhancing their houses? Is the house’s sale price constant with the repair works required? Does the listing enable an easy from the contract should you find out something during the home assessment phase? It is my viewpoint that you absolutely require a home inspection because you want to know everything that is wrong with this home prior to you begin.

You ought to want to shop for bargains. Very first thing I always do is set a spending plan. It’s not iron clothed, but it is a starting point. You understand what you bought the home for and you understand approximately just how much you wish to get out of it, so now work backwards. What has to be done and how much money can you allocate to it? Be methodical, make a list and attempt to stick to it. Shop hard for sales, closeouts, and alternatives. A number of the home enhancement shops put closeouts out front early in the morning. Swing by on your way to work. Inspect garage sales, newspaper ads, and even the web. While you definitely should buy quality products, you need to withstand the desire to purchase the nicer faucet or the prettier cabinet pulls. Always purchase with price and quality in mind with a close eye on the budget plan. Over-spending is a common risk.

You need to not hesitate to get your hands filthy. If a house has to be remodeled, chances are it is pretty unclean too. Employing a cleaning person is pricey and not necessary. Anyone can scrub. It excellents workout too. The lawn probably is a mess considering that the previous owners most likely overlooked it. Some of the hardest work is done in the lawn. Having the right tools is crucial, but you do not have to buy them, the majority of them can be leased.

You have to be sensibly handy and you have to do most of the work yourself practically work together. You must consider finding another pastime if you can refrain from doing average repairs yourself or if you don’t enjoy it. If you get stuck and have to bring the experts in for a messed up job, your revenues will quickly go down the drain. Labor is extremely pricey to pay someone for and must be made use of sparingly.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a good day 🙂

Thinking about making the big investment of hardwood floors in your home?

Often times, hardwood floors will provide a substantial increase in a home’s value. This often makes sense if you are living in a home that you love, and plan to live there for a few more years, so that you get to enjoy the hardwood floors before you sell the house. With proper maintenance hardwood floors can last more than a century before breaking down! That is why if you choose hardwood in your next flooring installation, call The Flooring Pro Guys. You want a professional because they will make sure your floors are installed the right way, ensuring that you won’t have problems 30, 40, or even 100 years down the road! The Flooring Pro Guys have been in business for quite some time, and are the trusted leader in flooring installations. You can be sure that your new hardwood floors will look beautiful and fit right.

Here are a few steps necessary to keep your hardwood floors looking like new for years to come:

Clean Floors are Beautiful Floors.

Often times, what ruins a hardwood floor is improper or infrequent cleaning. Dirt, dust, and grit, will all scratch and grind into the floor if not removed as soon as possible.

You will need to sweep or vacuum on a regular basis, after any big event, or at least once a week to be safe. Vacuuming is a better option that sweeping as it will pick up the debris between the boards, but be sure to use one meant for a bare floor. Also be sure to use cleaning products designed for hardwood floors.

Using a damp mop is also an acceptable method for cleaning floors. Remember to use only enough water on the mop so that it is damp to the touch, more water will damage your floors.  Never wash hardwood, use only a damp mop for cleaning. Don’t use any types of cleaners that contain ammonia.

If you have waited too long, you may need refinishing.

Hardwood floors that look worn out often times will need to be refinished. This is quite a labor intensive task. If you are ready, here is how: After making any necessary repairs, clear the room of any and all obstructions. Rent a drum sander, edging machine, and a buffer from a local equipment supply store. You will generally need to use the sander three times. Each time you will use finer and finer sandpaper grit. The next part will be staining, but wait! Clean up the area first with a vacuum and tack cloth. The better the prep work, the better the job will turn out. Now apply your finishing treatment to the wood! After the finishing treatment is cured, clean the area once more. Now you can apply a polyurethane which will apply a glossy sheen and protect your floors.

Good luck with your beautiful floors!

The great thing about hardwood floors is that even though they may become damaged or worn, they can usually be restored to their former beauty with a little elbow grease. So get started today, and be proud of your home again.

Some Easy Tips for Garage Repair

Easy Tips for Garage Repair

When you need to be sure that you are able to keep your garage in the best condition, there are a number of points that you will want to keep in mind in terms of maintenance. The maintenance tips that you will get from this guide will put you in the best position to keep your garage up to par. With this in your head, be sure that you read on and follow these guidelines so that your garage door and the garage itself are well cared for along the way.

Easy Tips for Garage Repair

Follow some of these points if you really want to get the most of your garage door. These tips can be handled by you or by some professional garage door repair specialists. These contractors are ready and willing to help you, and some of these repairs are easy enough for anyone to do it.

Keep The Door Chain Lubricated

If you want your garage door to remain intact, the best thing you could do is to lubricate the chains. When these chains are lubricated they will be moving freely and will operate as you need them to. You can invest and a great lubricant that will letyou apply this to the chain so that it does not develop rust and wear down over time. But this will take you providing some diligence in this regard so that you are able to get the absolute best out of it. You will want to use WD-40 or other types of lubricant in order for your garage door to continuously be cared for.

Make Sure That Your Garage Is Always Tidy And Clean

You should keep your garage as clean as possible so that you do not accumulate some clutter that can be damaging. Even the accumulation of dust can cause your garage door parts to not move as freely. By managing the cleanliness of the garage, you will prevent safety hazards from occurring and will best be able to manage the way that you have space throughout your garage. Otherwise, you are leaving the garage door open to plenty of damage and will not have the help and service that you probably need to maintain it.

Bring In A Contractor

You should also bring in the help and service that a contractor can provide for you. They will be able to assist you with anything that you need when it comes to maintenance and repair. These contractors will set you up with a plan that will get your garage the best service in order to maximize on it over the long haul. They are licensed and insured and will be happy to provide you with whatever kind of work you are looking for in terms of keeping your garage repaired. Find the best contractors available and make sure that you shop between them in order to receive the excellence in service and work that is required.

Some Excellent Concrete Foundation Repair Tips

When it comes to keeping your house looking good and standing solid over the years, staying on top of DIY projects is critical to make sure everything is sitting at a good level instead of sliding into disrepair. While certain practices are easy, most people need some help. Concrete foundation repair tips can help fill in that knowledge gap with a DIY basement project that many people fear. When you see cracks forming in the concrete walls, it’s time to get on top of repairs before those small problems become big ones.

Evaluate the Level of Damage
The first step is to evaluate the level of damage. Having some small cracks or openings isn’t ideal, but this isn’t necessary a huge foundation repair issue. You need to look at how long the cracks are, how wide they are, and search for general dampness. Usually cracks are caused by ground getting wet then drying out again, causing expansion and contraction that results in those cracks.

One of the most important parts of this step is knowing when the level of work required is beyond your DIY capabilities. After all this is foundation repair and you can’t afford for mess around. If you see a large number of cracks appearing suddenly, cracks over an inch wide, or the bowing of walls or shifting of door frames then it’s time to contact a professional since the foundation damage is well beyond the initial stages at that point.

Check for Dampness
However if the cracks are small, your next step is to check for any sign of wetness or dampness. You can’t pull off effective repairs if the crack still has moisture, but a quick way to take care of that (and it isn’t a bad idea even if things seem dry) is to use a hair dryer to further dry out the damaged area. After doing this check back in an hour. If it’s wet again, that means you have water that is leaking in and you can dry it again, but if you have a constant return of water you probably have some underlying issues and will need to defer to a professional.

Have the Right Material
Aside from a hairdryer to dry out any cracks that need treatment, you will want to make sure you have an epoxy injection system or liquid concrete repair kit. Most come in the form of a simple gun that can be used to seal the crack with the repair material. As long as the area is dry, it should mold to the shape of the crack and prevent more water or shifting soil from getting in.

Prevention Tips
Take a look at if you have a lot of bushes, shrubs, or small trees to close to the house. This can cause issues as the roots grow out and put pressure on the structure itself. Take care of any standing water damage in the basement area as soon as possible, and otherwise look for maintenance. Better to catch a problem early than to let it grow.

In Conclusion
When it comes to finding quality concrete foundation repair tips it’s important to understand that the end result isn’t improvising some solution but helping to either make quality lasting repairs or else help a homeowner understand when he or she needs professional help to ensure the safety and security of their residence.

George Mathias

Hello there computer heads, hackers, IT guys, and all the other guys with glasses sitting on your noses. My name is George Mathias, and I am just like you guys. Except for one thing, – I write a blog called Computrans. Well, – that would be a very interesting coincidence if your names is George Mathias too, and you have a website, with exact same name just different end of domain!

Anyways, – enough about geeky beginnings. I’ve started Computrans, when I was back at University. I know what you mean. “Geek”. And yes, – I admit, I wasn’t as social as my fellow students, I wasn’t going out every single night, I wasn’t at every frat party and so on. I stayed in my one bedroom apartment, that was located one floor above the flower shop (where I worked at the time too..long story guys, – and yes, I have many of them) and I used to write a lot about computers, the way it changed the way we communicate, the way we commute, the way we get through our lives daily.

So if you’ve ever been interested what changed exactly since the computers used to weigh around two tones, and took over the whole room, and now, when each and every one of us (and I mean each and every single one of us) have a powerful mini computer in our jeans pocket (did you know that they’ve figured out that it’s very unhealthy for us to do so) anyways. It not only changed our lives, – it changed our thinking.

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